8 08 2008

i have hacked ur website


p:s team different


Back In Action

8 08 2008


We are officially back in action! After a MASSIVE break, we are back.

We are now making Issue 4, and it will probably come out next week.



Fletch XD

What to do.

31 07 2008


Sorry you haven’t heard of us in a while… but, we’ve been having some problems…

Anyway, we probably need to delay the next issue till next Monday.


Fletch XD


13 07 2008


Sorry everyone for the bad photos in Issue 3, we used a different photocopier…

Did you like the ‘booklet’ format of the issue? Or did you like the ‘newsletter’ style?

A poll is up and running on the Official Website about that.

Fletch XD

Issue 3

1 07 2008

Hey everyone,

Issue 3 is almost out, and we have done it better than ever.

This is some of the things you will be seeing in the next issue.

1. News On The Go – You know what this is.

2. Picture of the Week – A picture of the week that we choose. There is also a chance to submit your own.

3. Jokes – Jokes from Will.


We can’t tell you anymore – we’ll ruin it for you!


Fletch XD

Issue 2 Released

24 06 2008

Issue 2 has finally been released!

Have a look at it, and see if you like it.

Comment about it on the Comment Board outside of 5/6A and say your thoughts.


Fletch XD

The Next Issue

20 06 2008

Hey everyone,

The next issue is just on the horizon.

We have updated it to the absolute max.

These are just SOME of the things you will be seeing in the next issue.

1. Letters to the Editor – A cut out section and email addresses you can send the stories to.

2. Stories – A random story written by a student.

3. Jokes – Some cool jokes by Will.

4. News On The Go – Quick and Easy to read format, which has dot points on whats happening around the school.

5. Interviews – Cool interviews with SRC Member, Thomas S.

More things are in the Bugle, you will just have to wait and see on Wednesday…


Fletch XD

(If you want to see EXACTLY how much time there is till the next issue, click HERE to go to the Official Blog, and go to the bottom of the page).